Book about Russians in Ireland published

The first ever book about Russian speakers in Ireland has been published by Nasha Gazeta with assistance from Russky Mir foundation and the Russian embassy in Ireland.

The book is in Russian and English and consists of two parts: the first part is about historic links between Russia and Ireland, while its second part is about Ireland’s Russian speaking community today.

Most of the book is based on articles that have been published in Nasha Gazeta throughout the last ten years, edited by myself and Sergey Tarutin. The books tells the story of Ivan Beshov, the last survivor of Battleship Potemkin and the founder of Beshoff’s fish ‘n chips in Dublin; a Limerick man called Peter Lacy who became one of the greatest Russian generals in the army of Tsar Peter the Great; Ireland’s only true ballerina Monica Loughman who became the first foreigner dancing with a top Russian ballet company and many other interesting personalities.

The book will be distributed in the community and formally launched at an event in September. But some of the English articles have appeared here:

More about Russians in Ireland book



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